Lee Hood’s P4 Medicine Institute Gets New Partner, PeaceHealth

Captured by Xconomy.com

Leroy Hood‘s fledgling institute for personalized medicine struck its first big partnership with an academic medical center two years ago. Now it’s branching out to include some Northwest hospitals that are philosophically a lot closer to the community than to the academy. The P4 Medicine institute, a nonprofit inside the Seattle-based Institute for Systems Biology, is announcing today it has formed an alliance with PeaceHealth, a nonprofit Catholic health system with 17,000 employees at community medical locations around Washington, Oregon & Alaska. PeaceHealth is the first community health system to enter the P4 medicine network, after Ohio State University became the first academic medical center to join two years ago. By working with the Institute for Systems Biology and Ohio State, PeaceHealth is seeking to put itself on the edge of Hood’s “P4″ vision, shorthand for predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine.

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