Innovators and Google Glass at OSU Wexner Medical Center

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) has recently gotten a lot of great coverage for the use of Google Glass in a live surgery performed by Dr. Christopher Kaeding, MD, Director Sports Medicine and Lead OSU Team Physician. While this is a very exciting early application of a terrific technology, the real credit for the opportunity rests with Dr. Ismail Nabeel, MD, who is a member of the Google Explorer program. Ismail is an early adopter and has a passion for understanding how technologies like Google Glass can be used to help improve the lives of others. In this application of Google Glass, we used the video chat, Google Hangouts to broadcast the surgery to a group of trainees, who watched the surgery real time and interacted with the surgeon in the Operating Room. This ability to share the process, procedure, and to see through the eyes of the surgeon, created a unique learning opportunity. Untested, but exciting opportunities with the Glass is the ability to call up critical information (from Electronic Medical Records, radiology tests, laboratory tests, etc.) that may help a given patient at the point of contact hands free; the ability to connect immediately with consulting help; the ability to bring family members or trainees from distant sites into the procedure room; and the ability to contribute expertise to distant sites to navigate interventions (perhaps in a military battle field forward position). Like other technologies, innovation is the value that is created, captured and delivered to be valuable to improve the lives of others. We are very fortunate in being the first to test this technology live for the applications outlined above and to have visionary faculty like Dr. Nabeel.

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Clay Marsh, MD; Chief Innovation Officer, Executive Director of the IDEA Studio for Health Care at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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