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Jackson Lab Plans New $1.1B Genome Institute in Connecticut

Captured by GenomeWeb 

The Jackson Laboratory plans to build a genomic medicine research center in Connecticut and is working with the state’s governor and the University of Connecticut to ask the legislature to help fund the building and its operations, the state governor’s office said today.

Jackson Lab and Gov. Dannel Malloy said in a press conference today that the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine would be located on the UConn Health Center’s campus in Farmington, and that it would employ 300 people over the first 10 years and a total of 600 within 20 years.

The Bar Harbor, Maine.-based institute and Malloy have proposed a total capital and research budget of around $1.1 billion over 20 years, including $291 million from the state to build, outfit, and operate the facility. Jackson Lab said it expects to add $809 million for the lab through its own federal research grants, philanthropy, and service income. The state Legislature is expected to review Malloy’s proposal in late October.

Jax Genomic Medicine would combine Jax’s genetics and genomics expertise with the clinical and biological capabilities of Connecticut’s institutions, including UConn and Yale University. Specialty areas for the new lab could include cancer, aging, genetic disorders, metabolic diseases, and others.

The 173,500 square-foot building near the UConn Health Center campus would house 30 principal investigators and resources, staff, and space would be dedicated to the translation of new applications such as diagnostics and computational services into commercial products. The institute also said that the new lab would identify new potential treatments that could then be tested up at its Bar Harbor facility.

Jax also said that it wants to help the UConn center grow its faculty and to advise the state’s economic development agencies to identify the best industrial and biotech partners in personalized medicine. Read more…