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Gary Taubes Discusses “Why We Get Fat” at Ohio State visit


Ohio State’s P4 Medicine Update – April 4, 2011

Captured by Sherri L. Kirk

Ohio State’s P4 Medicine Update – March 29, 2011

Captured by Sherri L. Kirk

Patent Rights Decisions are a Turning Point in Biomedical Science

The recent landmark decision to reverse the patent rights to BCRA1 and BCRA2 may be a turning point in biomedical science and the application of precision medicine. The decision supported the idea that components of our genome are not patentable. Although there is much concern that this decision will reduce the willingness of investigators and companies to do innovation research to identify new genetic/genomic targets, an important foundation of P4 (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) medicine, this decision may also dramatically improve access and speed of implementation of actionable genetic and genomic tests for individuals. One of the impediments to creation of low cost genetic/genomic panels are validation studies, FDA approval, CLIA-certified laboratories and patent rights which tend to push cost higher. This decision should improve access to genetic testing that direct precision in treatment and prognosis. Our goal is to provide patients with the critical diagnostic and therapeutic information they need at low costs to improve outcomes and to this end, the recent decision should enhance our ability to execute this goal. While any decision has positive and negative implications and considering the business models to build the pipeline of innovation to realize the goals of P4 medicine is important, this decision may open up less expensive, quicker access pathway for Americans to receive the benefit of P4 medicine for others. While this is only a step in the eventual transformation of the health care ecosystem, accelerating access and lowering costs of molecular diagnostics should benefit us all and realize a better future.
Dr. Clay Marsh, director of the OSU Center for Personalized Health Care