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UW Considering Shuttering Institute for Public Health Genetics

Captured by GenomeWeb

The University of Washington may be considering shuttering its Institute for Public Health Genetics.

The news first appeared when the interim president of the cash-strapped school was asked to list potential program she would cut. According to Mynorthwest.com, “she put the Institute for Public Health Genetics on it.”

However, “there’s [a] debate about how much money killing the program would actually save,” according to the report.

If UW goes ahead with her suggestion, it would be a great loss for clinical lab medicine and health care in general. Although the IPHG doesn’t teach clinical lab medicine, its five degree programs contribute to the nation’s modest cadre of genetic counselors.

According to its website, the curricula for the degree programs “focus on understanding genetic susceptibility to disease in populations and communities” and “address the ethical, legal, cultural, economic, and policy issues involved in applying genomics to public health.” Read more…